STABRITE® films grab the attention immediately by reflecting visible light and by absorbing light from low energy wavelengths and converting it to a selected visible wavelength. STABRITE® is a high-energy fluorescent film emitting up to 200% of the incident visible light for a given color. STABRITE® films provide exceptional conspicuity over long distances and feature vibrant, fluorescent colors that immediately draw the attention of the eye and mind. Conspicuity is more than just visibility; it is a dramatic contrast with surroundings. STABRITE® enhances safety by providing increased awareness of potential hazards and permitting timely evasive action.

The most critical time to provide conspicuity is in poor ambient lighting conditions including twilight and dawn and inclement weather conditions including rain, snow, and fog. Under these conditions, headlights or searchlights are not always turned on promptly and they do not always help to improve visibility. Standard bright colors depend upon direct sunlight and lose their conspicuity in marginal lighting conditions. However, STABRITE® films provide high-level conspicuity during all lighting conditions.