STABRITE® films are coated with a unique, opaque, permanent pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding to many surfaces. Our fluorescent films are long lasting even in the presence of intense sunlight and high moisture. Until STABRITE®, fluorescent materials in outdoor use suffered from rapid decay of the fluorescent colorants resulting in a useful life measured in weeks when exposed to ultraviolet light. Now STABRITE® technology offers films with long life performance measured in years: STABRITE®, a three-year film and STABRITE® Extended Life, a five-year film.

SMV Technologies 7 mil fluorescent film comes with an opaque pressure sensitive adhesive with permanent bond. This adhesive, like our fluorescent film, is designed to withstand high sunlight and moisture environments without decay. A more aggressive adhesive designed for bonding to low surface energy substrates is available upon request.

Available widths: 50" untrimmed, 12,24,36 or 48", lengths 50,150,300'

Available colors: red-orange, green, yellow, pink, black, white & construction orange

Typical Uses

  • SMV Emblems per ASAE S276
  • Extremity Markers per ASAE S279
  • Marine Signage per United States Coast Guard Specification G-ECV-473A
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Graphic Arts
  • Traffic Control

STABRITE® fluorescent films, with or without a clear or translucent adhesive, are used in the Electroluminescent Industry as overlays to phosphorous lamps to achieve desired colors from Navy aircraft to high tech entertainment applications.

STABRITE® fluorescent films can be combined with glass beaded retro-reflective films where highest candlepower is not required.


  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Graphic Arts
  • Marine Signage
  • Traffic Control

Personal and Animal Safety products manufactured with Reflexite microprismatic flexible films. Arm and Leg Bands, Horse Wraps, Safety Belts, Hat Bands/lime yellow with adjustable Velcro closures. Provides daytime and nighttime safety.

SMV Technologies is the major agricultural distributor of reflective materials specified by major agriculture OEMs and Short Liners for SMV Emblems and Extremity Markers.

These films are packaged with STABRITE® Fluorescent Films per ASAE S276 and S279 and are available in red or amber, and as rolls or cut pieces.

Kits containing retro-reflective and fluorescent materials per ASAE S276 and ASAE S279 are designed for retrofit of farm equipment and animal drawn vehicles.

Red & White DOT-C2 Kits are also available and special consideration is given to farm bureaus, farm related organizations, and equipment dealers.